Welcome to Chearful & Ninja's Sniping Service.

The speediest and most reliable Minecraft username sniper.

Hello, and welcome to Chearful & Ninja's Sniping Service!

We're here with one mission. To be the best, and beat the rest.

We are two people who crave OG Minecraft names; and we wanted to share the joy of owning an OG account with the public - hence why we founded this service, giving everyone the chance to own their very own OG.

At the affordable price of $5 USD per snipe, with no limitations as to who can use the service, there are OG's for everyone. Be the best OG collector by using the best sniper.

Of course, there are a few things needed in order to use our service. To begin with we require a Mojang account where security questions are disabled. Not only this, but there needs to be a name change available on the account at the time of the snipe. Of course, your Mojang email and password have to work.

Thank you for choosing Chearful & Ninja's Sniping Service.

Special Mentions

If it wasn't for these people, our service wouldn't be the service that it is.

Rexs123 - Assistance with designing the frontend of the website.

TechB - Creating our logo, used across our branding.