How can I snipe a name?

How to snipe?

There have been lots of changes to sniping over the years we have been around and it can get confusing at times. To put it simply, check our snipe shop. We list all snipes for sale and the snipe is queued instantly upon payment. If the name is not listed on the snipe shop, you can request for it to be added using the request system (also located on the snipe shop page).

Why snipe a name?

Sniping is the best way to get your hands on a cool username. The username is claimed on your credentials meaning you're the sole owner of the account - it's a lot safer than buying an account. For those who own a name on an account and wish to transfer them onto their own account, a sniper can be used to do this ensuring that you end up with the name.


$5 Minimum Cost

90% Transfers

~100% All other names

Percentage of name value as determined by our support team

Any questions?

If you have any questions, check out our frequently asked questions page.


When a snipe is not purchased, we snipe the name for ourselves. We then list the account over on our account shop.

If you're looking for a cool username at a reasonable price with instant delivery and no waiting around for a username to become available, check it out!