Premium is a new system we are trialling out to give our users the best experience a sniper can offer. It's specifically aimed at heavy users of but there's something for everyone.

For the duration of your premium status, you have the following perks:

  • Access to purchasing snipes and accounts from our site 1 hour before non-premium users can
  • Priority support tickets for every ticket you have opened (tickets are made available to all of our employees to reply to, not just one AND are placed above everyone else's in the order to be replied to)
  • Near instantaneous (sub 3 minutes from time of snipe) claiming for UFA and Giftcode snipes and less than an hour claim times from time of snipe for migrated account claims (with or without security questions). (credentials MUST be valid)
  • Access to picking a name colour on our Discord server from the list of available colours
  • Dedicated, hoisted role for premium users & a dedicated private channel for premium users in our Discord server
  • Access to 'UBGC' claim method: you can use a Java Edition Giftcode on your own empty Mojang account to get your snipe claimed (vs having to use one of our own empty Mojang accounts). Additional Ts and Cs apply when using this method. Create a support ticket to use it.
  • Access to .a requests command in our Discord server which shows all of the snipe shop requests yet to be listed or rejected
  • Get your credentials automatically validated 24 hours before your snipe takes place (only applicable for UFA/Mojang account snipes) **BETA - Do not rely on this feature, there may be false positives/negatives. It is still the responsibility of the user to provide valid credentials**

You have premium!

You have premium until you don't have premium

If you're missing Discord perks, you can use the reload button found below. Please note that Discord perks are added to your linked Discord account


Your premium status will be removed after all months have been used and you will go back to a regular account status afterwards. We're not creating a recurring payment plan or anything here: you simply 'top up' your account with months as and when you want to.

Purchased months will accumulate. For example, if you buy one month and then buy 3 months some at some point during your active subscription period, then 3 months will be added onto the expiry date.

For the sake of simplicity, one month is 30 days.